What do we do?

Let Beckham Publications be your partner offering expert editorial, production, marketing and distribution services. Each book project has a different set of needs. Some titles will need considerable editorial assistance. Some will need very little. Our fee is based on these factors. So, our efforts fall within one or several of these areas: editorial, production, marketing and distribution.


We want to improve the manuscript overall. Our editorial philosophy is based on the importance of these three elements:style, structure, and theme. We want your published book to be written in the most readable and appropriate style, is well organized, and is smoothly structured. Some manuscripts require simple proofreading; others, line-by-line editing. Still others may need extensive re-writing. In any case, our editors will ordinarily correct textual matters like grammar, punctuation and spelling.


How do we put the book together physically?The process includes text design and page layout, cover design, printing, and binding. We design and layout pages, position chapter headings, titles, table of contents, and an index. We layout pictures, graphs, and illustrations, placing them in proper position. You review your page layout and cover design before giving final approval to the printer.

We supply an ISBN for the barcode and pay for your Library of Congress copyright registration in your name.


Depending on your budget, marketing strategies can vary, bringing your book to the attention of your primary readers. Our catalog of marketing possibilities include

  • a dedicated web page on our site
  • news releases
  • video trailers
  • display at library conferences and book fairs
  • social media promotion using Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, Youtube, and your own blog.

Do not expect to receive reviews in national media; your book probably doesn’t have so large an audience. But be prepared to receive some local and specialized exposure like news items, feature stories and radio and television interviews. Publicity generated through these efforts can help stimulate interest from larger media outlets.


Our national trade distributor places books in major retail outlets. Our print on demand distribution makes your title available at major online sites like Amazon as well as through brick-and-mortar stores. Additionally, our eBooks are distributed by Amazon Kindle and other eBook suppliers. Authors who travel in wide circles and enjoy a large following will be able to market their books exclusively to their already established audience. Some pastors of large churches, college professors and workshop presenters have an excellent opportunity to market their own books, recoup their investment, and enjoy handsome profits.

What does it cost?

Each book is different. Our fees are determined by how much editorial and production work must be done, by the trim size, illustrations, charts, number of pages and words, and number of books printed. After these variables have been evaluated, we can provide you with an estimate.

Still, we cannot quote exact prices until we examine sample pages. Our terms are at least 50 percent with order, the balance due upon your approval of final print-ready proofs for printing.

How to get started?

Fill out the estimate request form today, and email sample pages to us at editor@beckhamhouse.com so that we can send your quote. You may fax the form at 866-659-3306 send by postal mail. Or if you feel confident about Beckham and want to save time, include your manuscript with the request form and we’ll send a binding quote and agreement letter. We prefer to work by email

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