Be Home on Time When I Put the Water Up for Pasta
Angel Marinaccio
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ISBN 978-098279430-2
Paperback, 104 pp.

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Angel Marinaccio presents a light-hearted story of her life growing up in the Little Italy section of New York City. Her memories--as a young girl, teenager, mom, and grandmom--are enhanced with photographs and recipes.

"I see myself as an old soul longing for the past," she explains. "By writing it down, I relived it."



This is a light-hearted story of my life growing up in Little Italy.

When I started to put my words down on paper, I was amazed at how much I remembered.

I guess I always was an old soul, longing for the past and, by writing it down, I have been able to relive it. In sharing these stories with new friends, their reactions were always amazement that I still lived in Little Italy and experienced such a colorful life.

I feel so very proud of my Italian heritage, my family and my neighborhood.

I hope, when you read my little story, you’ll feel as if we were all together, sitting around my table filled with food and drink, and talking about the past, present and the future, like I do every Sunday with my family and friends.

I want you to be a part of, enjoy!

List Price: $9.95
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