Going Deeper...Notes for the Serious Bible Student
Rev. J.R. Chisley
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ISBN 978-098419918-1
Paperback, 144 pp.

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In Going Deeper...Notes for the Serious Bible Student, Dr. Chisley guides the earnest bible student with a range of special tools needed to interpret the inspired writings of the Old and New Testament. Illustrating with his lectures and providing examples of both Greek and Hebrew terms, he leads the student through an appreciation of the translation, transliteration, and interpretation process.



The Bible as we know it today was composed in two main languages: the Old Testament primarily in Hebrew, and the New Testament in a variant of the Greek language known as Koine Greek (which simply means 'common' Greek, since it was the everyday version of the language spoken around the Mediterranean at that time).

These two languages, Hebrew and Greek, are often baffling for modern English speakers, because they are so different to English. They both have different alphabets (the word 'alphabet' is a contraction of the first two Greek letters 'alpha' and 'beta', which themselves evolved from the Hebrew letters 'aleph' and 'beth'), and if that wasn’t enough, Hebrew is read from right-to-left, rather than left-to-right (which means that the Hebrew bible is read from back to front). Despite the difficulties, becoming familiar with Hebrew and Greek is one way of discovering the amazing depth and poetry of the Scriptures, and thereby to have a better knowledge of God.

That is part of the aim of this book. Along with the study of numerous passages of Scripture, this book will also outline the important vocabulary for each lesson, whether in Greek or Hebrew, so helping you to understand the Scriptures in their original languages.

You may be reading this book with a deep knowledge already of the biblical languages, in which case we hope that the lessons and the vocabulary will strengthen that knowledge and bring you ever more close to God. However, you may have only just begun to study Greek or Hebrew. So that you can begin using the vocabulary in the lessons straight away, we have prepared a guide to the languages below.

These guides are not intended as replacements for good Hebrew and Greek lexicons and books of grammar, but they will point you in the right direction.

List Price: $24.95
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