Jazz Singers: A Biographical Dictionary
William F. Lee III
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We all worship the human voice--the original musical instrument. William Lee's unique history recognizes and identifies singers from the past and present who have brought something new, exciting and individual to our listeners' table.

He arranges his study sections by:

� "They Sang the Blues," introduces the early blues singers�most born before 1900--who laid all the groundwork for the jazz music we enjoy today.

� "Jazz Singer�Instrumentalists," identifies those singers who were or are great instrumentalists as well, a terrific musical advantage.

� "Great Female Jazz Singers," acknowledges the women who led the way to the jazz stylings we appreciate today.

� "Great Male Jazz Singers," acknowledges the other sex.

� "Contemporary Available Jazz Singers," introduces many young men and women who are especially active and available to perform gigs.

� "Great Big Band (Jazz-Influenced) Singers (1900�1969)," identifies the principal big band singers who greatly influenced the genre and contributed so much to that area of Americana.


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List Price: $15.95 $13.95 *internet discount*
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