I'll Make Me a World: Bringing Wholeness to Fractures Lives After 9/11
Bobby Austin
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Constructing new worlds could be a lot like playing God, mucking around in the mud at the banks of the ocean of creation -- but to me its more like the mad scientist concocting a combustible brew that must be handled with care. While all the right ingredients may be at our finger tips, we still need the right proportions of them to have a successful outcome -- a recipe. Yes, a recipe for blending the right measure of elements to make the whole thing work or else run the risk of destroying all.

The world we live in is in transition and transforming before our very eyes. Our lives are undulating -- crisis and chaos, kind and gentle, short, brutish, and nasty -- in an ever rolling torrent of the new and different, the principled and the immoral. No matter how we feel about it or try to run from it, everything is changing. And so we ask:

Why is the world gripped by Terrorism?
Why do we prepare for war and never for peace?
Why do Americans not trust one another?
Why is public discourse crude and ear-splitting?
Why am I afraid and insecure?

We all want to know how we find peace and security during this volatile epoch. My world is certainly changed forever since 9/11; possibly the whole world is just a little bit less secure, less sure of itself, less at peace. So we know that we have to create a new reality if we are to live above survival level as whole moral individuals.

The new world you and I must define begins now. The new world wants to be born with our help. The deconstruction of the old world and the construction of the new world is going to affect you. Whether you do something to help yourself, or just sit there and let it happen to you, is of course up to you. I urge you to decide to do something for yourself and for a new world. Let�s create together!


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Price: $14.95 $12.95 *internet discount*
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