The Penn State Report: Complete Investigative Findings Releated to the Child Sexual Abuse Committed by Gerald A. Sandusky
Louis Freeh
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In July, 2012, A court in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania found Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry A. Sandusky guilty on 45 counts of sexual abuse. But the full measure of the horrible acts committed by Sandusky and the failure of the university to protect these children is no better documented than in this special investigative report produced by Louis Freeh, of Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan, LLP.

Here is the full document of 10 chapters including exhibits, and amplified by statements by the Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly.

Says Corbett: "We have to continue to focus on child sexual abuse--to shine a bright light in those dark places where the Jerry Sanduskys of the world lurk--places that most definitely exist in our society. We need to continue to protect our children and to learn from the lessons of this case."



The Special Investigative Counsel's mandate was made clear in the public statement of Trustee Kenneth C. Frazier announcing this investigation. "No one is above scrutiny," Frazier said. "[Freeh] has complete rein to follow any lead, to look into every corner of the University to get to the bottom of what happened and then to make recommendations that ensure that it never happens again." Frazier assured the Special Investigative Counsel that the investigation would be expected to operate with complete independence and would be empowered to investigate University staff, senior administrators, and the Board of Trustees.

The Special Investigative Counsel operated with total independence as it conducted this investigation. Its diverse membership included men and women with extensive legal, law enforcement and child protection backgrounds who were experienced in conducting independent, complex and unbiased investigations. None of the Special Investigative Counsel's attorneys or investigators attended The Pennsylvania State University or had any past or present professional relationship with the University. The Special Investigative Counsel maintained a secure workspace that was separate from all other University offices and classrooms. The workspace was accessible to the public only when accompanied by a member of the Special Investigative Counsel team. The Special Investigative Counsel's computer systems were not connected to the University's network.

The Special Investigative Counsel had unfettered access to University staff, as well as to data and documents maintained throughout the University. The University staff provided a large volume of raw data from computer systems, individual computers and communications devices. The Special Investigative Counsel performed the forensic analysis and review of this raw data independent of the University staff. From this review and analysis, the Special Investigative Counsel discovered the most important documents in this investigation emails among former President Graham B. Spanier, former Senior Vice President-Finance and Business Gary C. Schultz and Athletic Director Timothy M. Curley from 1998 and 2001 - relating to Sandusky's crimes. The Special Investigative Counsel immediately provided these documents to law enforcement when they were discovered.

The Special Investigative Counsel interviewed a cross-section of individuals including current and former University faculty and staff members, Trustees, and student-athletes. The interviews covered a wide range of academic, administrative and athletic topics relating to Sandusky's crimes and the allegations against Schultz and Curley; as well as the governance and oversight function of the University's administrators and Board of Trustees. The temporal scope of the interviews ranged from the late 1960s, when Sandusky first attended the University, to the present.

The witnesses interviewed in this investigation, with few exceptions, were cooperative and forthright. Very few individuals declined to be interviewed, including some who declined on the advice of counsel (i.e., Sandusky, Schultz, Curley and former University outside legal counsel Wendell Courtney). At the request of the Pennsylvania Attorney General, the Special Investigative Counsel did not interview former Pennsylvania State University Director of Public Safety Thomas Harmon or former coach Michael McQueary, among others. Although the information these individuals could have provided would have been pertinent to the investigation, the findings contained in this report represent a fair, objective and comprehensive analysis of facts. Moreover, the extensive contemporaneous documentation that the Special Investigative Counsel collected provided important insights, even into the actions of those who declined to be interviewed.

No party interfered with, or attempted to influence, the findings in this report. The Special Investigative Counsel revealed this report and the findings herein to the Board of Trustees and the general public at the same time. No advance copy was provided to the Board or to any other person outside of the Special Investigative Counsel's team, and the work product was not shared with anyone who was not part of the Special Investigative Counsel's team.

Identify any failures and their causes on the part of individuals associated with the University at any level or in any office, or gaps in administrative processes that precluded the timely and accurate reporting of, or response to, reports of these incidents.

The Special Investigative Counsel implemented the investigative plan by:

Conducting over 430 interviews of key University personnel and other knowledgeable individuals to include: current and former University Trustees and Emeritus Trustees; current and former University administrators, faculty, and staff, including coaches; former University student-athletes; law enforcement officials; and members of the State College community at the University Park, Behrend, Altoona, Harrisburg and Wilkes- Barre campuses, and at other locations in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and the District of Columbia, and by telephone;

Analyzing over 3.5 million pieces of pertinent electronic data and documents;

Reviewing applicable University policies, guidelines, practices and procedures;

Establishing a toll-free hotline and dedicated email address to receive information relevant to the investigation, and reviewing the information provided from telephone calls and emails received between November 21, 2011 and July 1, 2012;

Cooperating with law enforcement, government and non-profit agencies, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), and athletic program governing bodies;

Benchmarking applicable University policies, practices and procedures against those of other large, public and private universities and youth-serving organizations; and

Providing interim recommendations to the Board in January 2012 for the immediate protection of children.

The information in this report was gathered under the applicable attorney-client privilege and attorney work product doctrine, and with due regard for the privacy of the interviewees and the documents reviewed. All materials were handled and maintained in a secure and confidential manner. This report sets forth the essential findings of the investigation, pursuant to the appropriate waiver of the attorney-client privilege by the Board.

Citations in this report have been redacted to protect the identity of people who spoke with the Special Investigative Council. Citations also include references to the internal database maintained by the Special Investigative Council to collect and analyze documents and emails. The references include citation to a unique identifying number assigned to each individual piece of information and are located in the endnotes and footnotes of this report.

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