The ABCs of Black History

Craig Thompson
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Just in time for Black History Month and every other month, too! Baltimore-based, black attorney Craig Thompson presents us with The ABCs of Black History. The ABCs celebrates 26 notable greats, past and present, like Booker T. Washington, Fannie Lou Hamer, Malcolm X, and Oprah Winfrey. A short and catchy rhyme accompanies each color-rich illustration of the historic figure. The ABCs recognizes lesser-known individuals who made their mark in our society, like Garret Morgan, inventor of the traffic light, and Lee Elder, the first black golfer invited to play in the Masters Tournament.

Thompson wrote the book as a result of his fruitless search for children’s books after the birth of his daughter. He wanted cultural relevance, bright colors, and catchy rhymes. “I wanted something that would be ideal for children of all ages,” says Thompson. “But I also wanted to motivate them to know their history. So I combine vivid portraits with easy-to-remember lyrics from A to Z to motivate them to know their history.”

The book isn’t just for black parents and their children. In fact, Thompson hopes that The ABCs will “introduce children of all races to important people, places, and events in black history, while providing parents with the rich-color contrasts, illustrations, and rhyming patterns that they need for the proper development of their children.”


Craig Thompson is a highly sought after speaker who brings a unique perspective to topics like leadership, goal setting and self-esteem. He has spoken throughout the country at churches, schools, colleges and to civic organizations.

A native of Baltimore and a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, Thompson holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, and a second Bachelor of Arts Degree in Afro-American Studies. He is also a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law.

The dynamic young attorney has received a number of awards and citations reflecting his accomplishments, including WNUV’s (Channel 54) “Proud and Positive Award. He graduated from the prestigious Leadership Program sponsored by the Greater Baltimore Committee. In honor of Thompson’s accomplishments, former Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke designated May 23, 1992 as “Craig Anthony Thompson Day” in the city of Baltimore. He was featured in the Baltimore Business Journal as one of 40 emerging leaders under the age of 40 in the state of Maryland. He was also profiled in Jubilee

magazine as one of Baltimore’s “Talented Tenth,” and received an “Emerging Leader” award from The Monumental City Bar Association.

He also received the 2001 Outstanding Young Alumnus Award from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Thompson is an attorney with the Law Offices of Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos. He is also president of Thompson Communications, an educational consulting firm.

His other two published books include the anthology Atonement: The Million Man March and Tough Love: The Life and Death of Tupac Shakur


Thompson is a tireless contributor to the community, serving on the Board of Directors of the University of Maryland School of Law Alumni Association, The Great Blacks in Wax Museum, and the Baltimore Mentoring Partnership.

Hosting a weekly two-way talk radio show, “The Front Page,” he has been recognized by the Association of Black Media Workers as the Best Public Affairs Host (radio) in the region. Thompson also hosts a weekly television talk show, “Profiles with Craig Thompson.”

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Price: $9.95 paperback
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