Bug Juice

Diane Macioce
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ISBN 978-0-9841991-1-2

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Spiders bouncing on threads. Crickets burping. A bee stuck in a flower. These and other crazy insects are out of control in Bug Juice. Readers will see their antics to be not only amusing, but also a great spark for talks about the wonders of nature.

"One day I observed my four-year-old grandson mixing sand, mulch and water in a pail," says author Diane Schroeder Macioce. "When I asked him what he was creating, he said, 'It's just bug juice.' I laughed out loud. And the name stuck in my mind."

"A few months later, on a stormy day, another grandson asked me why the worms came out when it rained. That is when the first bug was born--and so was Bug Juice. I hope you have fun reading about these creatures and will talk about them with your friends."

Diane Macioce explains her book idea:


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List Price: $9.95 $7.95 *internet discount*
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