Greek Fire - A Jack Gardner Internation Thriller

By Donald T. Beldock
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Jack Gardner, a governor who had lost his bid for the American presidency, is considering a second run in the next election.
But an invitation by entrepreneur Arnholdolt to explore an oil exploration deal in Greece thrusts him unexpectedly into a whirlwind of international intrigue and adventure.

Greek Fire, the first in the Jack Gardner Thriller series developed by Donald T. Beldock, revolves around an unpredictable Greek political and economic environment, mostly in the capital city of Athens.

It doesn’t take long for Gardner to realize that the commercially viable oil deal will not kick off as smoothly as he had thought.
In this fast-paced international thriller, Greek military want to use him to get a stake in the business. Two senior military personnel, government officials, and reputable Greek business people are anxious to get a share of the fortune.

Gardner has his hands full throughout—as attorney, detective, and negotiator—but manages to strike a deal allowing for smooth cooperation with the government and the readiness for his next international intrigue.

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