The Human Experience: A Divine Madness

William McNamara
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ISBN 978-098419912-9
Paperback, 328 pp.

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McNamara shares generously his life as an apostolic hermitic monk, and plunges the depths of what it means to be wildly, intentionally human. His message transcends secular boundaries-in fact, all boundaries. Using the principles of Christian humanism, McNamara seeks to ignite the creative spark in every being by emphasizing that divine energy comes from the heart of the universe. Christian and non-Christian alike will find truth and wisdom in his loving words.



The basic human instinct is to pray. Stifle prayer, your passionate longing for communication with the Ultimate, and your existence within, your personality, shrinks and your demeanor turns into a stuffy semblance of something human. This remote resemblance to humanness issues in mannequin men and women.

So I begin this book with a chapter on prayer, and I'm sure I will return to this humanizing act toward the book's end. In between I will eschew pietism, moralism, and narcissism, hoping all along that your consciousness and mine will be heightened and that our humanity will be divinized, or, as the brilliant church fathers put it more daringly and truly, that we will be deified.

Enlightenment is what we seek. What does that mean? Existentially, it means this: that I relish all the gifts that God bestows upon me to make life more and more livable, that both the pleasures of the flesh and the delights of the spirit are, to some degree, the presence of God felt, and that every joy, sacred and profane, lures me into the plenitude of the Ineffable.

And this too: that the loss of health, home, friends, and reputation, the pain of aloneness, poverty, and reflection, the suffering caused by mendacity and the absolute horror of perfidy--that these sad events enable me to bear the pain of Christ and the kiss of God and thus to offer God a pure heart.

List Price: $15.95
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