I No Longer Play the Game

Anthony Lawrence
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Kevin Styles is the best college football player in the nation. But he gets caught up in the world of celebrity excitement. He must learn who his real friends are and whom to trust. Otherwise, he may lose all that stands before him.

I No Longer Play the Game focuses on the relationship between superstar Kevin Styles and his girlfriend Chantel Dupree whom he loves dearly. But he has difficulty expressing his feelings properly and therefore can?t make a true commitment to her. He can?t stop playing the game.

Through a series of fast-moving encounters, this romance novel with a sports twist gives the reader an inside look at the pressures that many star athletes face. Foolish behavior and misguided goals can result in their ending up as victims of front-page headlines, says novelist Anthony Lawrence in his first romance novel.

Originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Anthony Lawrence is currently the Senior Investigator for the Office of Citizen Complaint Review, responsible for investigating allegations of police misconduct. Lawrence, the former Lead Investigator for the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, has established impressive credentials, building a career working with D.C. Metropolitan area's youth and adults who have allegedly committed crimes.

As a writer, Lawrence has impressed legions of readers with his realistic, fiction novelettes The Ring of Betrayal and When Tomorrow Comes. His books "attempt to help urban youth, particularly African-American males, make positive choices in life."

Lawrence has catapulted into an important voice of his generation. Lawrence has made significant contributions by providing a unique and positive perspective in addressing the issues and challenges facing today's youth. Lawrence, a criminal justice graduate of the University of Maryland, lives in Laurel, Md.

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