Portholes, etc.

Wendy Hyland
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In eight miraculously inventive stories surrounded by poetry and graphics, poet Wendy Hyland’s voice reminds us that only a few things really matter in life.

The narrator in "Portholes," who can pack 250 pairs of shoes and just fewer than 50 of her most valued hats for a cruise, looking out at the endless amount of water in every direction, reflects about how "we mad people get involved with the pressures of cars, telephones, and worthless conversations. No one could get closer to God or godliness out here, and there is plenty of time to think of the most valued things in our lives...peace and stillness inside."

She treats readers to a remarkable vision of life's off-centered moments and the value of counting blessings.

See also Wendy Hyland's Wall Nuts.


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List Price: $19.95 $17.95 *internet discount*
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