Post 8195: Black Soldiers Tell Their Vietnam Stories

Bobby White, Ed.
List Price: $17.95, 6x9, 228 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-0984824359

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VFW Post 8195 in West Park, Florida, through the Stone of Hope Program, organized services and programs to help Vietnam and other military veterans and their families who had special needs.

"The Vietnam War was physically, spiritually and emotionally exhausting for us," says post commander Bobby White. In this unique collection, he has brought together the words of 23 veterans who witnessed the war’s cruelty and brutality. Through their testimonies, White reminds us that the war’s impact has been long-lasting, with both negative and positive results.

Readers will be riveted by their narratives of racism, hostile battlefields, ambush zones, fire fights, land mines, flashbacks, search-and-destroy missions, military police operations, working with K-9s, and finally addressing and putting the PTSD issues at ease.


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List Price: $17.95
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