Sounds in My Head

Gretchen Lofland
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Sounds are so important, says poet educator Gretchen Lofland. According to Lofland, we notice so many obvious sounds around us: the screeching of brakes in a car, loud music playing, and even ringing sounds in your home. Then there are sounds of nature where birds chirp, bees buzz, and crickets make those penetrating sounds that bring on those weird and wonderful feelings. But what are the sounds in your head?

In Sounds in My Head, she invites you to read, reflect and enjoy these sounds that she has arranged around significant themes in her existence. Her topics include life, love, hope and faith. She challenges you to allow yourself to think and listen to the wonderful sounds that you may hear. Why not journal or jot down your thoughts so that you may examine your thoughts, values, revelations, and inspirations? Take time to listen and enjoy those sounds that you might hear.

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Mr. President, Mr. Obama

I never thought that I would see
A president, who’s black like me.
Barack Obama, a thinking man,
Handsome and brilliant
With a positive stand,
Forward thinking with a plan to save
America, home of the free and the brave.
For blacks or whites, Latinos too,
He speaks for everyone, me and you.

Red, black, white, and blue
It matters not, he’s America too.
His plan will make America great,
Regain the love and shrink the hate
Of nations all around the world
And give ole glory its wondrous furl.

This man is special, sent from above
We must give him support
And show him the love.
Obama, Obama, a Christian you see
He’s here for you and he’s here for me,
We’ll follow his lead and pray that he’s right
For he is our leader in everyone’s sight.
Yes, he will make our country great
He’s the 44th president of the United States.

Hope In Your Eyes (The Sound of Hope)

Hope is sometimes hard to hear but easier to see.
Glassy eyes, one heartbeat from a tear
A smile that let’s you know, it’s going to get better
A spirit in your soul that lets you know, you’re not alone
You’re not lonely because somebody or something is there for you
You have company in your ruined despair.
Hope is quiet laughter in your heart that can be heard and felt
With a steady beat that goes—yes, yes, yes!
Hope is freshness in the air that’s clean, pure, and seamless
For it’s eternal and refreshing
Hope is the focused stare you see with a vivid glimmer of the future
Knowing that there is a chance for you.
Hope is love, peace, joy.
Hope is a smile that lights up your face
Showing your natural beauty
Hope is faith inside of you.
Hope is President Lincoln, Dr Martin L. King, Jr., John and Robert Kennedy
Barack Obama
Hope is now
Hope is a God moment
Hope is God.

List Price: $10.95 $8.95 *internet discount*
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