Sidney Offit
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Soupbone McDexter, the world's greatest living pitcher, was getting old. This was his last season with the Manhattan Bears, and the Bears had a chance to win the pennant. That is, if Soupbone did not let them down.

This is the story of how young Joe Kringle persuaded his friend Christopher to harness "science" for baseball'and to help Soupbone McDexter win the crucial game of the season. With a new chemistry set, Christopher made a major breakthrough on the very day of the game. He invented a formula to make them invisible.

Hidden from view by their magic elixir and accompanied by some loyal conspirators from the animal world'a dog called Soupbone, Shortstop the turtle, Centerfield the rabbit, and Umpire the frog'the boys invaded the stadium. What happens next is as beguiling a tale as has ever been told of the national pastime.


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